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Welcome in Milano Piante

MILANO PIANTE is a company specializing in the cultivation and marketing of a wide range of ornamental, flowering and climbing plants, shrubs, palms and trees.

The application of traditional and innovative agro-technical knowledge coupled with the skill of our highly qualified staff allows us to offer national and international markets products of excellence to the most stringent quality standards.

Passion and experience accumulated over the years has enabled our company to integrate a range of different levels of service, catering to both public and private sectors.
We specialize in the realization, maintenance and restoration of parks and gardens for both public and private entities.
We offer a specialized consulting service with a detailed analysis of needs and the design and realization of residential gardens, hanging gardens, balconies, terraces, green and urban furnishings, historical gardens, industrial green spaces and rock gardens.

We select, together with you the most suitable varieties for your garden, the ones that best fit your desires and needs.
With our experience, together we will find you the best solution for your garden, park or green space.

You can find Milano Piante in Pistoia and Florence, your trusted nursery for plants, flowers and shrubs. Realization of parks and gardens from A to Z.


Our green services

We are not limited to the supply of ornamental plants, also offering our customers:

  • Advice on choosing the most suitable plants
  • Soil preparation
  • Planting of plants of all varieties and sizes
  • Pruning, also with a aerial work platform
  • Anti-parasite treatments
  • Design and realization of gardens and parks
  • Garden maintenance
  • Green maintenance
  • Weeding prevention and emergency action
  • Turf laying
  • Lawn scarification and aeration
  • Anti-mosquito treatments
  • Irrigation systems
  • Green area construction and maintenance
  • Parks, gardens, balconies and terraces
  • Road tree-lining
  • Urban forestation
  • Natural areas
  • Forestation and soil bioengineering
  • Green management, pruning and transplanting
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Garden Firenze Milano Piante


    CATALPA BUNGEI Catalpa (or Cigar Tree) is a plant native to the central and southern United States, where it is found in deciduous forests in areas with a warm-temperate climate. Introduced in Europe in the first half of the eighteenth century for ornamental purposes, it is also found in the spontaneous state.…
    PHOTINIA Shrub, or small tree, evergreen, which can reach 3-4 meters in height; it is a hybrid. It is a fairly compact and erect shrub, takes on a rounded shape, is leafy, with thin, well-branched stems; the leaves are oval or lanceolate, bright red in color when they sprout, then turn…
    ACERO PLATANOIDES GLOBOSUM The curly or platanoid maple (Acer platanoides L.), belonging to the Sapindaceae family, is a spontaneous plant in many moist and sheltered deciduous forests. It accompanies other maples, especially Acer pseudoplatanus, (both have similar bearing) in the central-northern mesophilic gorges. It is often grown for ornamental purposes. The plant reaches…
    BAMBOO BISSETII This bamboo is originally from Sichuan, China. It was introduced to the United States in 1940 and Europe in 1980 to China, it is widely.Bamboo Bisseti is resistant and vigorous. This green bamboo is very cold-resistant and can also be planted at high altitude. It prefers sun, but also half…
    ALBIZIA JULIBRISSIN A. julibrissin is a small 5-12 meter tall deciduous tree. The bark is light gray in color with greenish hues and has dark vertical stripes with advancing aging. The leaves are bipinnate, 20 to 45 cm long and 12 to 25 cm wide. The opposite leaf segments, 6-10 mm long,…

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