Nature is our passion.


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We offer a specialized consultancy service where, through an accurate analysis of every single need, we are able to design and build residential gardens, hanging gardens, terraces, greenery and street furniture, historic, industrial and rock gardens, scenographic rocks.
We meet each customer personally to propose and agree on the best solutions.

Garden design

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We carry out an inspection to evaluate the most suitable plants based on the characteristics of your garden and design your space through professional renderings.
Finally we create your garden by creating the beauty of your spaces and your plants!

Irrigation systems

We design and build irrigation systems.
The irrigation system is essential to complete your outdoor space, for example when you want a lawn watering by hand as well as being very time-consuming, will never be calibrated as if you had a custom-made irrigation system!

Green maintenance

We take care of your plants!
Cutting hedges, lawn, use of plant protection products to remove parasites and fungi, pruning of fruit and non-fruit trees, home gardening services, treatments with pesticides/licensed products, greenery disposal service.


The trees will come to life.

Pruning performed by experts, which give life to true natural art sculptures. Real works of art that enliven your garden making it unique, with interesting perspective games and a strong architectural and decorative impact.

Plant rental

For weddings, events, corporate parties.
Our plant rental service for events includes the choice, collection or delivery and installation of the decorations.

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Milano Piante is a company specialized in the production and marketing of ornamental plants, flowering plants, with a vast assortment of shrubs, trees, palmaceous and climbing plants.
The application of traditional and innovative agrotechnical knowledge, together with the ability of highly qualified personnel, allows us to be able to offer the national and foreign markets a product of excellence according to the most rigorous quality standards.

Green Garden Pools

Swimming pool design, construction and maintenance.

Quality is our priority.

Every day we cultivate nature, our passion, also making use of innovation, technique and quality. This is our goal, the satisfaction of our customer.
Beauty, quality and experience.
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