Services for the




We carry out a series of mechanical processes on behalf of third parties, at farms, with our own mechanical means.
The activities are varied and may include: ploughing, sowing, hoeing, fertilizing, grafting, pruning, treatment with fungicides to protect against diseases and insects.
Our company does not limit itself to providing the manpower, but also the technical means necessary for the processing.

The process of


Preparation of the soil with digging and incorporation of the fertilizer suitable for the plants to be grown
Fight against animal or plant parasites responsible for plant diseases that can irreparably damage plants
Weeding, backing up and elimination of weeds, watering and fertilizing according to the season and specific needs
Pruning, thinning out fertilizing (usually liquid), repotting, and topping according to the species, pest control.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to offer a wide range of services and formulate together with you the best solution that best suits your requests and needs.